Yvette Young Signature Chorus
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Yvette Young Signature Chorus


Pro Tone Pedals has teamed up with rising star Yvette Young to bring you the most flexible and expressive chorus pedal available- built to deliver modern tones while paying homage to vintage chorus tones of the past.

Product Description


So many have asked us to reissue the Yvette Young chorus that we’ve made special arrangements to produce 1 final run- the window to order will only be 3 days. DO NOT MISS OUT.

The Yvette Young Chorus offers flexibility and control unseen on the vast majority of pedal chorus- you would normally have to resort to a plugin or a piece of rack gear for this kind of sonic control.

Here’s a quick demonstration video.

Videos featuring Yvette will be posted very soon.


  • Rate: Controls the speed of the swells. The LED will show flash in time
  • Wave: Sets the overall wave shape from a square wave to triangle wave
  • Size: This adds an echo-like/reverb-ish quality bringing a new dimension to the standard chorus pedal
  • Delay: Control the delay before you hear the modulated signal
  • Pitch: This adjusts the amount the modulated pitch is shifted
  • Mix: Adjusts the balance between wet and dry signals

Additional features include:

  • True Hardwire Bypass for noise free operation
  • Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt negative tip BOSS style adapter
  • Proudly hand wired in the USA
  • LED and knob colors may vary


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