Pro Tone Pedals Reverb Pedal

The Pro Tone Reverb

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The Pro Tone Reverb is an eerily voiced spring reverb/echo device with some creepy undertones.

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Product Description

The Pro Tone Reverb is a vintage voiced spring reverb/echo device with some eerie undertones. Using some of the methodologies found in our Haunted Delay the PT Reverb has some other-worldly sonic capabilities.

The Reverb in front of an Orange AD30- all knobs on the pedal are set to 9:00

The Pro Tone Reverb features:

  • Slap- Controls the amount of pre-delay before the SLAP of the slapback
  • Mix- Blends the wet and dry signals
  • Decay- Controls the amount & depth of feedback
  • Current draw of 80mA
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt DC (negative tip) BOSS style adapter (not included)
  • True Hardwire Bypass with grounded input for noise free operation
  • Stomp switch built to withstand years of hard stomping shows
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Super-Bright LED for easy onstage identification
  • Proudly hand wired in the U.S.A.
The Reverb in front of a clean Marshall Jubilee. Mix is at 3:00, Slap is at 9:00 and Decay is cranked to MAX!


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