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Why Use An Overdrive Pedal In Front Of An AxeFX

One of the questions we get regularly is ‘why make a signature pedal for people known for using digital amp simulations that have built in overdrives’.

To answer this question we shot this quick and dirty video showing the tonal advantages of using a pedal over using the built in ‘overdrives’ in the digital solutions.

Yes… there are a million tweaks under the hood of the AxeFX and the Kemper that can get you CLOSE to what you can get with an external pedal- but we’re fans of simply getting shit done Vs getting nothing done because you tweaked every available setting and your day, and more importantly, your creativity is now gone.

Analysis paralysis is real- simple outboard gear can get you great tone in a fraction of the time without losing massive amounts of time, energy, and your mojo dicking with settings.

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FAQ: My pedal lights up, but all I get is loud humming and noise

If you plug in your pedal and the LED lights up, but all you get is noise/hum or total silence from the unit there is a 99% chance you fried your circuit board with the use of an incorrect power supply.

Pedals are simple, they dont require any exotic power supply…  BUT you can’t just plug any fucking power supply that fits in the hole.
ALL Pro Tone Pedals operate on a 9volt negative tip power supply. We recommend the Godlyke PowerAll, but there are literally dozens on the market.

WARNING- do not use multivalued interchangeable tip power supplies. These are not designed for audio circuits and are REALLY easy to set incorrectly and damage your pedal.