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Katasyr – Pro Tone Pedals Merrow Overdrive- KSR Ares- PRS Holcomb 6

Big thanks to our friendĀ Alain Shaboon for this killer video!

This is a short clip without bass to show what this guitar sounds like in Drop A tuning through this amp. All original music that will soon be released as a solo project of mine. Feel free to comment anything including questions of any kind. Thank you and enjoy.

To follow my music project and stay up to date on my first release, visit Katasyr on Facebook and maybe give it a like to get updates on new tracks as they are completed with vocals too. I made up the name Katasyr over 20 years ago and am finally utilizing it as a band name.


Special thank you to Nick Botelho for drums and edits.

The unloved step child of the past two decades Marshall 8100 Valvestate

Tone meister Lasse Lammert knocked this demo out a while back…

Who wants to hear a clip of the most under-appreciated heavy guitar amp of the last 2 decades?
People frown upon it, people scrunch up their nose, people roll their eyes, people don’t expect much when they hear the name of this amp….People have no fucking clue how awesome it is and thanks to that fact you can get it for just under 200$ on ebay…

– Pro Tone Keith Merrow Overdrive
– Marshall 8100
-Mesa Rectifier 4×12
-single sm57

Merrow Overdrive Pushing a Poweramp A/B – Peavey 6505 vs ISP Stealth

Gord Olson has been using the Keith Merrow Overdrive (out of production, but sounds a lot like the Dead Horse) for some time now… here’s a poweramp comparison video he did a few months ago.

Notes from Gord:

I wanted to hear what kind of a difference there is between the power section of my 6505 (tube) head, and this very cool little ISP Stealth (solid state) amp that I recently picked up. I’m super impressed with the sound of the ISP, and was happy to find that it fit right into the back of my Kemper! I work for a company with a steel fab shop, so I designed a couple of brackets that attach to the Kemper, and keep the ISP secure in the back. Works perfectly!

In both examples, the signal goes through a Pro Tone Keith Merrow OD pedal and into the Kemper. From there it goes to one of the two amps, then into my Marshall 1960A cabinet with V30 speakers, and through a single Shure SM57 microphone.
Two guitar tracks, one on the left, and one on the right.

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