The Ogre Distortion as a clean boost

Cant really call them Daily Demos anymore since I’ve failed for several months to do them… so heres a random demo. This time its the Ogre Distortion being used as a boost pedal in front of a Marshall.

The photo is of the knob settings used- Gain all the way down, Level just over half way, and Tone at 3 quarters the way up… sounds pretty cool for a quick clip.

Ogre Distortion as a clean boost by ProTonePedals

Daily Demo – The R.B.M.P.

Quick demo of The R.B.M.P.

The RBMP is a recreation of the classic Green Russian Big Muff… cool sounding box. We’ll be doing the Civil War Edition Big Muff soon!

Chain on this clip is the normal JSX amp, Bullet Cables and my trusty SG Platinum.

Couple notes on the image- this is the setting used in the clip. The image is from an old Russian propaganda poster. Its intended to look fuzzy and burnt out around the edges. One of our most lo-fi pieces of art to date, but I think it really fits the vibe of this box.

$149[wp_cart:R.B.M.P. Fuzz:price:149:end]

Daily Demo- Skumstortion

The Skumstortion is an old favorite… killer ragged distortion, great for sleaze metal that depends more on feel than precision.

Signal chain- Gibson SG Platinum Edition, Bullet Cables, Box de Skum,  JSX

The photo is the setting for the 1st portion of the clip… not really sure where I was set for the Sabbath-y portion of the clip, but I think I just had a little more gain in play