Stop Using Batteries

Honestly- we’re not a bunch of patchouli sniffing hippies here at Pro Tone. We just want to help people get the most out of their pedals by ensuring they’re powered correctly, while doing the environment a favor.
The average battery consumption in the U.S. is 10 batteries per person per year. As guitarists we burn through AT LEAST double that.
An average overdrive/distortion pedal gives you 3-6 hours of life. Say you play an hour a day. That’s a new battery every week. That’s 52 batteries a year for just 1 pedal. This number is liberal, but on the conservative side lets say you use 30 a year.
Stop throwing away your money- get a power supply for your pedal board.

Buy a Godlyke PowerAll its what we use, its what we recommend.

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