Mark Holcomb Signature Delay Pedal

Make Holcomb’s Haunted Delay- vintage ambient tone and hand-crafted quality

Pro Tone Pedals is extremely proud to present the Mark Holcomb Limited Edition Signature Delay Pedal. Mark’s signature pedal, The Haunted Delay, was designed to be an ambient style delay, like your favorite vintage tape echo… with gig-ready durability to last you decades without a $1000 price tag. 

I’m extremely happy with how unique and versatile this pedal turned out, and it’s been an inspiration merely jamming on it as of late. The intention here was to create something truly trippy – a pedal versatile enough to handle the soundscape-y material I’m drawn to, while at the same time having a very streamlined interface, making it easy to use as a songwriting tool – which is it’s main use for me. -Mark Holcomb

Additional features include:

Buy now within the USA $283 (price includes shipping)

Buy now outside of the USA $300 (price includes shipping)

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Guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.
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