Coop Delay

The Coop Delay- Vintage delay & echo inspired tones- modern design dependability!.

Coop Delay


Vintage delay and echo inspired tones- modern design dependability!

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The Coop Delay is a rich, analog voiced delay with 625ms delay time. The dry signal path is all analog and 100% true bypass.

It was designed to emulate the early delay tones we all fell in love with. If you appreciate a nice vintage tape echo with all it’s eccentricities, the Coop Delay is for you.


Blend: Sets the output level of the delayed signal, not your original guitar signal. Unity gain is approximately noon and everything above noon will boost the delayed signal louder than the original. This is a gain control so, like any pedal with a lot of gain, a hint of noise and distortion at max setting is completely normal.

Tone: Sets the tone of the delayed signal, not your original

Time: Roughly 30ms fully counter clockwise to 625ms fully clockwise.

Repeats: Sets the repeats of the delay signal. From one single repeat fully counter clockwise, subtle repeats around 9 O’clock, strong naturally decaying repeats at noon, near infinite repeats around 2 O’clock and full on self oscillation fully clock- wise.



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