Author: ProTonePedals

New Overdrive Videos

Here are a couple of killer new videos from some of our good friends…

1st up is Keith Merrow and Gord Olson getting SUPER fucking metal with the Dead Horse Overdrive and the Misha Mansoor Overdrive panned hard left and right.

Next up is Fluff rocking out with the Misha Mansoor Overdrive as well… just good solid stuff here!


Big Muff Clone Comparisons

We do a few clones of various Big Muff Pi variations… heres a quick & dirty comparison of 2 of our more popular clones- the Civil War clone and the Green Russian clone.
The Civil War features the steamer whale art, while the Green Russian features the spider with bombs for legs. FULL DISCLOSURE: I stole that from a cold war-era Russian propaganda poster.

This video is only to give a side by side on THESE 2 MODELS. We’re not A/B’ing them against the originals… simply letting you hear the subtle differences between the 2 that Pro Tone Pedals produces.

Cool new Dead Horse Overdrive Clips

We’ve got a few new clips of the Dead Horse Overdrive for ya…

First up is an audio clip from Skot Marek via SoundCloud:

Next we have a very nice play through from Axe Of Creation founder Gregory Bolomey

To wrap up this Dead Horse extravaganza, here is our shop superstar, Eddie Lamm, laying down some bass through the DH



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