Coop Delay

The Coop Delay- Vintage delay & echo inspired tones- modern…

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Coop Boost

The Coop Boost- Transparent clean boost with two-band EQ and…

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Coop Distortion

The Coop Distortion- More distortion than any 1 pedal should…

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Coop Overdrive

The Coop Overdrive- Hand crafted All-American grit

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Bit Crusher

8 Bit 4 octave Fuzzy Insanity

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Pro Tone Pedals Mid Boost

CMB2- Mid Boost

Precision mid-range tone sculpting as only Pro Tone Pedals can…

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Page Hamilton Signature Distortion

The legendary Page Hamilton joins the Pro Tone family

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Pro Tone Pedals Opti-Vibe


Looking for the vintage voice Uni-Vibe but with more versatility?

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Spring(ish) Reverb

Capturing the vintage springy tone of classic amps in a…

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Thick, ballsy, Smashing tones from a brief era in big…

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Day Of The Dead Horse Overdrive


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Pro Tone Pedals Compressor

The Compressor

The Pro Tone Compressor is a stage-ready, studio-grade compressor pedal…

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OV Overdrive

Pro Tone Pedals OV Overdrive is a FET based emulation…

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Pro Tone Pedals Attack Overdrive

Attack Overdrive

The 1st overdrive developed for progressive metal and djent

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Dead Horse Overdrive

The legendary overdrive- The Dead Horse

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Clean Boost

A full spectrum clean boost pedal from Pro Tone Pedals

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Essential Edition Fuzz

Essential Fuzz

Thick flexible fuzz with some serious bottom end- sounds amazing…

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Untitled FAQ Show #4: How does your pedal compare to the… ?

Pro Tone Pedals FAQ #4: How does your pedal compare…

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