Gary Holt Signature Boost

Maximum aggression… Time is running out!

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Dino Cazares Signature Overdrive

Accentuated pick attack and precise low end control

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Page Hamilton Distortion

ITS BACK- in limited batches. Order yours NOW!

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The Distortion Engine

The Distortion Engine- inducted into Guitar Player Magazines Hall Of…

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Dead Horse Essential

The legendary Dead Horse Overdrive in a simplified form

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Pro Tone Pedals Chorus

Haunted Chorus

The most flexible handcrafted chorus pedal available today

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Attack Overdrive Metal Logo

Attack Overdrive

The 1st overdrive developed for progressive metal and djent

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X Years

To mark the tenth year working together, Pro Tone Pedals…

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Pro Tone Pedals PreAmp


A faithful recreation of the mythical TC Electronic Integrated Preamp-…

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Dead Horse Overdrive

The legendary overdrive- The Dead Horse

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GODMACHINE Edition Lord Fuzz

The GODMACHINE Edition Lord Fuzz

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Pro Tone Pedals Compressor

The Compressor

The Compressor is a stage-ready, studio-grade compressor pedal engineered to…

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CMB2- Mid Boost

Precision mid-range tone sculpting as only Pro Tone Pedals can…

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The GODMACHINE Edition Attack Overdrive

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Essential Edition Fuzz

Essential Fuzz

Thick flexible fuzz with some serious bottom end- sounds amazing…

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GODMACHINE Edition Overdrive

Built on the back of our legendary Dead Horse- The…

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GODMACHINE Octave Distortion

Octaves, Fuzz, Distortion… CHAOS in a can- The GODMACHINE Edition…

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GODMACHINE Edition Distortion

Unrelenting… Uncompromising… Unholy distortion- The GODMACHINE Edition Distortion

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